Navarra: the ideal destination for a holiday with kids

Bosque de Orgi
Bosque de Orgi
En Bertiz Aventura Park
En Bertiz Aventura Park

Can you imagine being able to take the kids to a magical kingdom full of castles, palaces, caves and charming villages?

A surprising kingdom where legends about kings, princesses, mystical characters and cheeky witches abound?
A space where they can run outdoors among valleys, mountains, trails, caves, and even semi-lunar landscapes?
Can you imagine your kids enjoying the thousand attractions of a theme park while you delight in the sumptuous local cuisine?
You don’t need to imagine.
That kingdom is called Navarra.
And that kingdom waits for you and your family with open arms.
Come visit us in Navarra with the little ones! You are guaranteed a great holiday for all members of the family!

Where can you take the children during your visit to Navarra?
The possibilities are endless, but here are some suggestions we’ve tried ourselves.

1- Theme Parks

Senda Viva
80 km south of Pamplona, ??in the incomparable Bardenas Reales Natural Park - famous for its semi-lunar landscapes and unusual clay and sandstone formations -, Senda Viva is the largest family leisure park on the peninsula. Divided into four different areas: "The town", "The fare", "The forest" and "The farm", Senda Viva offers fun and entertainment for the entire family - from the longest straight “Tubing” in Europe, to a water labyrinth, a massive flying fox, birds of prey shows and even Explore 3D, a three dimensional nature exploration show.

Irisarri Land
Like Senda Viva, you need time to make the most of Isisarri Land. There are so many attractions in this spectacular theme park!
Located in Igantzi - a small town in the Pyrenees-, Isisarri Land offers the youngest aerial circuits, aerial routes, climbing castles, super gigantic flying foxes, archery ranges, canopies and an incredible set of 7 flying foxes linked with a 2.5km descent.
The older but young at heart, will enjoy the outstanding landscape of forests and valleys where wild horses, Pyrenean cows and adorable sheep go about their merry ways.
And, did we mention that in Isisarri Land there is a restaurant offering one of the finest examples of traditional Northern Spanish cuisine?
We didn’t?
There you have it. Because, you are going to need to refuel, aren’t you?

Bertiz Adventure Park
More flying foxes for visitors of all ages, with the added fun of a paintball circuit!
Luckily you can have a relaxing bath as soon as you get to Casa Argentina!

2- Vías Verdes (Greenways) and trails

Do you know what’s the healthiest (and possibly most fun) way to discover Navarra’s natural environment?
Cycling, walking or running along what we call Vias Verdes which are old railroad tracks repurposed into spaces of leisure and sport.
Here are some examples close to Villa Argentina:
Plazaola Greenway
Start your tour at the old Lecumberri station where the Tourist Information Office is currently located, and from there you’ll have more than 50 km of recovered railway track between Pamplona and Andoain. You will se Leitza and its 14 small tunnels, and the wonderful landscapes of the Valley of Larráun or Leitzaran.

Greenway of the Bidasoa
The old railroad that connected Irún with the mines of Endarlaza has now become a charming 35 km “greenway” that travels along the Bidasoa River for most of its route.
A practically flat trail where you’ll see picturesque villages, tunnels, green meadows and even some abandoned bunkers!

3- Natural Parks

Lordship of Bertiz
The more than 2000 hectares of the Señorío de Bertiz are now home to peculiar animal species as the European mink, the Pyrenean desman and the flying deer (this is an insect not an actual flying deer!). On the banks of the river Bidasoa - the first natural environment officially declared Natural Park in Navarra – there’s a 100-year-old botanical garden as well as endless trails children would love to run and recreate magic stories.

Reservoirs of Leurtza in Urroz
Two reservoirs that appear out of nowhere among leafy beech forests – a truly magical spectacle!
An area to the northwest of the Navarra which has been conditioned as a Recreational Natural Area with cooking facilities, information points and local trails from where to admire some of the native fauna, including the adorable red frog.

Orgi Forest
Just 25 km south of Pamplona, ??the Orgi Forest is an eighty-hectare millenarian oak grove with three different and very accessible trails to enjoy.
The first of these is a labyrinth 300 meters in length which winds its way along a path that ends in what’s known as the "Fallen Tree", a giant oak that collapsed years ago pushed by strong winds. The second trail stretches for over 1400m and its dotted with decks, wooden benches and cabins from where to observe the birds. The 200-meter trail will surprise you with its salt pond, proof that the Orgi Forest was under the sea 180 or 200 million years ago!

4-Nature Interpretation Centers

Why limit yourself to admire it when you can try and understand nature in depth?
Navarra offers the opportunity to enjoy both activities from these very well thought out spaces:

Bértiz Nature Interpretation Center
Multimedia shows, interactive games, photo exhibitions, and even a botanical garden .... everything in this space has been designed so that young and old can understand the origins, history, climate, flora and fauna and the landscapes of the Natural Park of Bértiz in a fun and exciting way.

Casa Gurbindo Etxea
The Gurbindo Etxea House has been designed to sensitize visitors about the importance of agriculture and livestock in our lives, while it promotes Navarra’s natural products.
Casa Gurbindo Etxea reminds children and adults that we must respect the environment, and stresses the benefits of healthy eating.
Fun and education in the privileged environment of the Aranzadi Park.
What more could you want?

Well, you could ask for a comfortable and cozy environment to return to after a long day full of wonderful activities, where children and adults can rest and enjoy a serene and familiar environment.
That space is Villa Argentina.
Your home in Navarra.

Book your family vacation today.

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