Built towards the end of the 19th century, Villa Argentina was named by its original owner, Don Felipe de Jesus Echeverría. Don Felipe grew up in the hamlet of Beintza-Labaien and entered the priesthood at an early age. He later emigrated to Mexico and then Argentina, where he was appointed bishop. At the end of his life Don Felipe returned to his native Navarra, building the house as a tribute to his time in the Americas.

    He painted the exterior blue and white for his beloved Argentina, and the construction was in keeping with the style of a typical colonial home of the Indias. His portrait is still preserved in the house today.

    Because of its history, Villa Argentina is unique for the region, setting it apart from the other homes in the hamlet. Yet its classical design gracefully blends into the local landscape.

    We have meticulously restored the accommodation, embracing all of the modern comforts one needs make it the perfect choice for busy families and friends looking for a completely relaxed holiday experience.


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