Food in Navarre will surprise you!

Disfrutando de una comida en Villa Argentina
Enjoying food in Villa Argentina

We are in love with our food. We cannot disguise it ... and we do not want to. We love to share it with our friends, so here is our well thought of advice for you.

Navarra’s home grown produce 

We Navarrese are a very humble community.
But when we start talking about our local produce, we just transform ourselves!
That’s how proud we are of the vast quantity of products of the highest quality that grow in our land - piquillo peppers, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes or leeks!
The farm, canning and wine industries are the main socio-economic drivers of our region. And we feel extremely privileged by being able to enjoy the fruits of this very fertile and rich land.
And we feel exactly the same way about our meat.

Meat with Navarra Designation of Origin

Interestingly, our local cows have a very high percentage of water, a nutrient which, as you know, has no calories: the more water in the cow, the less fat it has. That's why our cows have a very low fat level fat and a very high protein level. The color of the meat with the Navarra DO stamp also has a very peculiar pink, light red and red colors that differentiates it from the rest.
What about flavour?
What can I say? It literally melts in your mouth.

Navarra’s fresh catch

And by fresh catch do you mean fish?
But Navarra doesn’t have sea!
Indeed, we lost access to the sea when we denied entry to the inhabitants of Hondarribia to the Kingdom of Navarra! (We are not perfect, and this was a massive miscalculation, we admit it!).
Now we have no sea and we have to invade San Sebatian’s beaches and get our fish from their Cantabrian coast. That's life!
But let's face it, they compensate by stealing our Malerreka's mushrooms!

Asparagus, piquillo peppers, meats and fish – would it be too much for me to say that we have some of the best quality natural products in the world?
Where can you try them?

Here are some of the most recommended restaurants (tried and tested) in Navarra:


Ventas de Donamaria / Donamarikoventa

Located in a 19th century stone building, in this restaurant you’ll enjoy some of the best game with dishes such as wild boar steak with porto sauce and aniseed pears and the traditionally stewed pigeon. And do not miss their three milk caramelized sponge cake (with cow's milk, coconut and condensed milk)!

Tel: 948 45 07 08




Homemade cuisine of the highest quality served in very generous portions. Try the red beans, especially if it’s cold outside that day, and any of their delicious homemade desserts, particularly their “hojaldre” or puff pastry.

Tel: 948 45 00 43



Ameztia Asador

You’ll be surprised by the variety and quality of its pintxos and delicious dishes – the perfect place to eat in group!

Tel: 948 450 028



Hilarion Restaurant (Elgorriaga)

Try their wild asparagus stuffed with pigeon and its hake stuffed with mussels with squid sauce, it melts in your mouth!

Tel: 948450003



Balneario (spa) Elgorriaga

Located at the confluence of the Bidasoa corridor and the beautiful valley of Baztán, this restaurant will delight you not only with its extraordinary building but also with the healthy assortment of dishes using local produce in their buffet.

Tel: 948 45 60 45



Santxotena (Elizondo)

Traditional cuisine cooked with a lot of love. The hake in all its shapes and forms is fantastic, and the pigeon to die for.

Tel: 948 58 02 97



As you can see, you have many options and all equally good.

And don’t forget that you can always travel to any local market and buy fresh produce to prepare in the magnificent kitchen you’ll enjoy during your stay in Villa Argentina.

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We are waiting for you!

11 de mayo de 2017
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