6 stunning bike routes to explore Navarra while you are staying with us at Villa Argentina

camino de entrada a Beintza
Road to Beintza

Are you the type that travels with his or her bike everywhere?
Are you constantly searching for new routes to discover on your bike?
Do you feel there’s no better way to explore a region and get to know all of its secrets than by bike?
In that case, there’s no two ways about it!
You must visit us and explore the many bike routes we have for you to enjoy in Villa Argentina’s vicinity!
Don’t own your own bike?
That’s totally fine.
You prefer not to travel with it on this trip?
Not to worry.
I'll tell you where you can rent a bike nearby in just a second.
Because, it’d be a shame for you to return home without having explored the wonderful landscapes you get to see in Navarra while traveling along one of these magic routes!
The good thing is also that most of our routes are suitable for all fitness levels. In other words, you do not have to be Indurain to enjoy a wonderful day out on your bike in the northern part of Navarra!
Most of the routes have been prepared for cyclists of all levels, an in fact, many traverse part of the Camino de Santiago (James’s way), or some of the old train tracks, or the local road network.
And given the fact that the terrain is usually relatively flat or minimally undulating, you can even use this great means of transport to go from tourist destination to tourist destination!
What a good way to get to know our history and enjoy our gastronomy!
What do you think?
Love the idea?
Then, let’s start with the basics: your equipment.

What do you do if you do not have a bike during your stay in Villa Argentina?
You can rent it in Sansesteban, a small town 10-15 minutes’ drive from the house.
You can find all the information you need about bike rental here.
 And, once you have the bike, what are your options?
You have plenty of options!
However, to make things easier for you, we have selected six bike routes you can do from Villa Argentina and you are guaranteed to love.

1. Via Verde del Plazaola (Plazaola’s Greenway)

Totalling 54 km, the Plazaola’s Greenway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes in this area. Considered to have a level of difficulty easy to medium, you will ride along the old railway route of the first train line that linked the populations of Pamplona and San Sebastian from 1914 to 1953.
It is also one of the best equipped routes in the area, with a tourist office – which is, in fact, the refurbished old Lekunberri station - and a small information “wagon” for young and young at heart to enjoy.
Once you find yourself riding, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful thick atlantic forests, the green meadows, a series of tunnels and a few picturesque little towns.
You can ride the entire way or simple select a section.
We highly recommend the 12 kilometer stretch that heads towards Pamplona, ??which ends at the Irurtzun dam.
You can access the Greenway in Latasa, Lekunberri or the Irutzun Dam.
You can find more information on this Bike Route in Navarra here.

2. Bertiz-Zugarramurdi

This is a beautiful route that requires extra caution.
We are talking about 98 km of fairly demanding terrain.
This route will take you through the Baztan valley, you will border the river Bidasoa, and at times you will find yourself circulating in sections of road which will be at times fairly crowded and not always be in the best of conditions.
Leaving behind Elizondo, the route ascends little by little until its first steep incline -the port of Otxondo - 5 kilometers long, and an inclination of 6% on average. The descent is not a walk in the park either because of the steepness of the slope and the many curves of the road.
After this effort, you will find yourself very near the French border, but the route will turn around and take you through the port of Palomeras de Etxalar. Beware of the roads and trucks back to Bertiz (your start and end point)!
Stunning landscapes but not a route designed for the inexperienced or for families with children.
You can find more information on this Bike Route in Navarra here.

3. Bertiz- Irurita-Ziga

Only 23 km riding along the southern part of the beautiful valley of Baztan, also known as the Swiss Navarre!
Once you leave your point of departure - the Manor of Bertiz - you will pass by Oronoz and soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by thick atlantic forests, crystalline torrents, and stunning vast natural spaces.
And although this route is fairly simple, it does have a challenging point: the ascent to the Ziga summit, 4 kilometres long. There are some rest point and a wonderful lookout at its top.
Along the way, I’m sure you will love the intense green of the undulating hills slopes, and the charm of its historic buildings - palaces, monasteries, churches, hamlets, and medieval bridges ...
But again, always pay close attention to the traffic.
You can find more information on this Bike Route in Navarra here.

4. Bertiz-Saldías-Santesteban

Your starting point is once again the great Señorío de Bertiz (Bertiz Manor). From here, all you need to do is to enjoy the 43 km of spectacular landscapes of this beautiful area of ??northern Navarra.
And yes, this route also includes an ascent of less than three kilometers, with inclination of up to 10% at times
You can find more information on this Bike Route in Navarra here.

5. Vía Verde del Bidasoa (Bidasoa’s Greenway)

Discover the fascinating history of this 35-kilometer long rout that today will take you from Legasa to Endarlatsa. Back in 1898 when it was first built, it was part of the rail line that communicated Irún with the mines of Endarlatsa in Navarra. It was extended in 1916 to reach Elizondo, and the trains began to transport passengers then.
This Greenway borders the Bidasoa river along part of its journey, crossing picturesque villages, meadows and tunnels. You will even find a bunker abandoned after the Spanish civil war!
On foot or by bike, this is always an easy and very pleasant route!
Fun fact!
This Greenway will be part of Eurovelo's number 1 itinerary, "The Atlantic Coast Route", which will start in Norway’s North Cape and it will travel all the way to the south of the Iberian Peninsula!
You can find more information on this Bike Route in Navarra here.

6. Routes along the French-Basque Country

Less than an hour from Villa Argentina, the French Basque Country offers wonderful bike routes for all tastes and fitness levels.
The beautiful town of Biarritz is only 14 km away from San Jean de Luz, for instance, while Biarritz is 66 km away from Bayonne.
You can even pedal the 96 km that take you through the Cantabrian coast from Biarritz to Donosti!
A fantastic way to serenely enjoy the coastal landscape and the populations that you’ll find along the way.
You can find more information on this Bike Route in Navarra here.

And, to finish your wonderful cycling adventure along northern Navarre, would there be anything better than to return to the comfort of Villa Argentina?
We personally don’t think so.
Come and try it for yourself!
Make your reservation here today.
We’d love to have you with us ?

15 de mayo de 2017
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