5 idyllic walking routes you can easily do from Villa Argentina

vista desde un monte cerca de casa
vista desde un monte cerca de casa
vista de Beintza
vista de Beintza

Close your eyes for a moment.
I want you to imagine an undulating hillside of a green so intense that it even seems unreal ...
I want you to imagine perfectly sculpted trees ...
Wild horses that gallop along gentle slopes one moment and lose themselves a thick forests of ancient trees the next...
Clear streams…
Herds of cows and sheep ...
Small villages with stone houses and flowers on the balconies ...

No, it is not the idyllic landscape of one of the many tales of the Grimm brothers.
It is reality in Bentza-Labaien.
And it is the environment that those who live in Malerreka have the great fortune to enjoy every day.
Environment we would love to share with you!
So if you are a nature lover…
If you prefer places that have been untouched by mass commercialization…
If you love well preserved green spaces…
Then, you need to find some time in your diary because in Bentza-Labaien you’ll find yourself at home.
And the day you come to enjoy Villa Argentina, you can’t miss the following routes through the beautiful valleys of Malerreka.

5 idyllic walking routes you can easily do from Villa Argentina

1. Señorío de Bertiz
There are seven different routes in the 2,400 hectares of this natural enclave located on the banks of the river Bidasoa. Most of them are simple, family-friendly routes that can take you from 2 to 7 hours approximately. In all of them you will be able to appreciate the majesty of this exuberant Atlantic forest.
We highly recommend you start or end your walk visiting the than 100-year-old Botanical Garden in Bertiz.

2. Valley of Baztán.

They Valle de Baztán has seen the adventures and misfortunes of all craftsmen, noblemen, adventurers and old-time smugglers!
Also known as the Switzerland of Navarre for the many natural treasures it houses, the Valley of Baztan is synonymous with extensive forests of beeches, vast virgin spaces and imposing hills like the Alkaxuri, known to be the most beautiful mountain in Euskal Herria.
The walking routes in this valley are usually easy enough for the younger ones, although if you plan on walking with children, we recommend two routes: Infernuko errota and Xorroxin.
Whichever route you choose, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the intense green of its slopes, the charm of its palaces, the picturesque little hamlets, medieval monasteries and bridges you’ll find along the way.
And make sure you talk to the locals about the intriguing ancient legends that are often told in these lands.

3. Megalithic Trail of Iruso in Leitza.
A short 2.5-kilometer trail, - ideal for the entire family -, this circular trail will take you through imposing oak groves before finding different prehistoric monuments such as the Tomb of Miztorgieta, the Menhir of Iruso, and various groups of dolmens, including the dolmen of Karakoleta, which preserves the stone chamber and tomb.
Can you imagine the history behind these forests?
Make sure you don’t miss it!
4. From Beintza to the Leurtza Damn

If you stay with us at Villa Argentina, this trail will literally be at your doorstep.
And while the trail consists of 10 relatively easy kilometers, it will take you a few hours to reach the damn. But, trust me when I say that it will be 100% worth it because this space is truly magical.
The area surrounding the damn is now a Recreational Natural Area and this means that here you’ll find tables and stoves to prepare and enjoy your meal. From the damn itself there are several local trails where you will be able to admire native fauna as peculiar as the red frog.

Is this something that might interest you?
Are you keen to learn about other hiking routes around this area?
Then, please don’t hesitate to send any doubts you may have our way.

5. Coastal Path
Not too far from Villa Argentina, the Sendero del Litoral (Coastal Walk), is a beautiful way to discover the natural charm of the French coast.
A 25 km route that connects Bidart to Hendaya via San Juan de Luz, it is possible (and recommendable) to walk it in sections so as to take in the coastal landscape and the local towns without any hurry.
You can park your car and return to your starting point after completing the trail by bus or train.

Plus, you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that after an unforgettable day in any of these privileged spaces of the Navarre and Basque geography, you will be returning to the comfort of Villa Argentina.
Can there be anything better for a nature lover?
We personally don’t think so.
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Can’t wait to meet you!

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