A well-kept secret from Baztan: Café Malkorra

Chocolate de Malkorra, baztán
Chocolate from Malkorra, Baztan

I’m going to let you on a little secret about something we love doing whenever we have the chance to spend a weekend at Villa Argentina.

The house is only twenty minutes away from Elizondo.

Twenty minutes too long when you know that your destination has some of the best “meriendas” in the world! (No kidding!). We love to go to a café called Malkorra for "merienda".

What is a “merienda”?

Your afternoon snack/tea.

And Elizondo’s “meriendas” come in the shape of delicious buns and pastries in winter, and mouth-watering ice creams in summer.

We also love their Basque Cake (Pastel Vasco).

And so does my mother!  

She won’t forgive us if we did not bring one home for her!

I, personally, love their “dolmens” - a brioche stuffed with hazelnut praline goodness and topped off with dark chocolate. Can you imagine?

But I’m sure you are going to adore anything you try in Elizondo – from the “coronillas” (crown-shaped pastries), to the croissants or anything else.

And when it’s time to go home, we make sure we bring enough supply of chocolate to last us a while. Every single time!

So, when you stay in Villa Argentina, make sure you enjoy the “meriendas” in Elizondo!

They are to die for!

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